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Applicant Checklist

1.Review the NOFO with relevant stakeholders.Consider these questions:
> Does our organization meet all the applicant eligibility criteria?
> Is our organization able to effectively use these funds?
2.Prepare to apply.Identify who is going to work on the different parts of the application. Take note of Sections 2 and Section 3, which may require additional time.
Initiate or verify pre-qualification status as soon as possible if you are not already pre-qualified.
Develop a timeline for how to respond to the NOFO and submit on time.
Create a document to develop your answers to the application questions.
Access the online application. Set up your SurveyMonkey Apply account and familiarize yourself with the platform.
3.Access technical assistance (TA) resources.Register for the Technical Assistance Session.
Ask questions and review answers submitted by others.
4.Complete attachments and forms.Download and complete the budget workbook.
Download and complete the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Conflict of Interest form.
Complete all other attachments.
5. Complete the online application.Complete all sections of the online application. It is helpful to have all answers prepared to copy and paste into the application. Please note, you are not able to format answers to the questions within the application, so simple headings are helpful to organize your responses.
Ensure all applicable attachments have been uploaded.
Review and submit the application. Once submitted, no changes may be made to your application.


  • On 1/7/2024, the table was revised to correct document references and simplify content.