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Technical Assistance Session

General Questions and Answers

The following table answers general questions received about the NOFO and NOFO process.
1. Application
1.1Should I register as an individual or an organization?Please register as an individual.
1.2Can more than one person complete the application?Yes. Collaborators can be added to the application process.
1.3Will I receive an email notification when my application is submitted?Yes. If you do not receive this email, please ensure the entire application was completed. In addition to completing each section, the entire application must be submitted. If you do cannot find this email, please contact the help desk.
2.1Who are the SME's that write the NOFOs?The SMEs that write the NOFOs are individuals at Advocates for Human Potential who have demonstrated expertise and knowledge on the topic/initiative being funding, including the services that will be funded through the NOFO. These SMEs include individuals with diverse backgrounds who live in Illinois and are familiar with Illinois’ SUD prevention, treatment and recovery systems, and some are people with lived experience. SUPR also provides SMEs that draft the original statement of work that is then used to construct the NOFOs.

3. Reviews
3.1Will I be notified if there is a problem with my application?During the prequalification process, applications are reviewed for completeness and eligibility to determine whether they will be considered for funding. You will be notified if your application does not meet those criteria. However, once submitted, no further changes can be made to the application.
3.2Who is on the selection committee for each NOFO?The review committee includes, at a minimum, three individuals who are SMEs on the topic
area, and/or are people with lived experience.
4. Awards
4.1Can an entity be awarded multiple awards? As in, applying for two different NOFOs and receiving an award for both. Yes, an entity can apply for and, if eligible and has the capacity to fulfill the requirements of each, may be awarded more than one award.

NOFO Questions and Answers

The following table includes questions asked regarding the Build, Amplify, Support, Empower (BASE) Prevention Program Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). Questions and answers will be updated each Friday afternoon during the application period.
Updated 3/8/2024
1Please explain how you say project is for 3 years but there is only funding available for up to 2 periods max. Funding has been approved by the IORAB for 3 years. However, continued funding is subject to appropriations and release of funds by IDHS.
2There is 15 million set aside but 7 awards at a max of 500,000 each is only 3.5 million per period so at the max of 2 years that is only spending 7 million, correct?The number of awards is a minimum of 7. More than 7 may be awarded.
3If an award is made, will invoicing require paper copies of all expenses, or will this funding operate with the entity keeping record of expenses on hand if audited?Invoicing will require submission of supporting materials.
4Will there be audits conducted by the state on a scheduled basis, or at the discretion the state?Audits are conducted at the discretion of the RCCA.
5Payment is once at beginning of grant term or is this monthly spend down with inivoicing?The three payment options are described in Section G.2. of the NOFO. However, all are monthly and require invoicing.
6Please explain the period of performance dates.The Notice of Award is anticipated on or near May 31, 2024. The beginning of the period of performance is July 1, 2024.
7We have a state approved indirect rate, can we use it?Yes.
8To clarify. Agencies with multiple regions can apply for multiple regions but fill out one application.Per Section C.7. of the NOFO, an applicant is permitted to submit only one application in response to this funding notice.
9Will you send these slides to participants?The slides will be posted upon completion of 508 accessibility production.
10The NOFO does mention the Non-Hispanic Black as a population of focus, but is serving a different racial/ethnic demographic allowable?Yes. Evaluation of applications will include weighing funding priority criteria based upon need as described in Section A.3. of the NOFO.
11Are FHQC eligible to apply?Yes. Per Section C.1. of the NOFO, applicants must be a non-profit, for-profit, or tax-exempt entity located in Illinois and meet the other requirements defined in that section. However, funds for this program may not be used to supplant current state or federally funded services.
12Can the partnership be with the Department or Juvenile Justice or other detention center?Yes. However, funds for this program may not be used to supplant current state or federally funded services.
13Is BASE funding limited to certain counties?No. Evaluation of applications will include weighing funding priority criteria based upon need as described in Section A.3. of the NOFO.
Updated 3/28/2024
14Do you have more information about the program plan requirement? Is there a template available or a guide for what we should include in the program plan?There is no required template. Any document format that details the timeline, tasks, and activities of the funding period is acceptable.
15Should applicants include one, two, or three program years of scopes?Applicants should provide a work plan for one year.
16Is the award range per applicant, per year $100,000-$500,000?The award range of $100,000-$500,000 is per applicant, per year.
17Can you please provide the start dates and end dates of all the program years, including the third year of funding that is contingent on the release of funds by IDHS?

Are the three periods of performance, assuming continued funding by IDHS, 7/1/2024-6/30/2025, 7/1/2025-6/30/2026, and 7/1/2026-6/30/2027?
The planned funding periods, assuming continued appropriations, are accurately listed in the question.

18The start of the first period of performance is 7/1/2024, but a school-based project might not be able to start services until several months later. Can you confirm that proposing to start school-based services in August or September is acceptable?Services may be proposed to only be conducted during the school year. However, grants administration requirements, such as technical assistance activities, reporting, and invoicing, must be completed throughout the year.
19We are a national organization and we wanted to inquire whether organizations must be based in IL or apply with an IL-based partner to be eligible for funding. We have begun the BASE application and noticed the requirement for an Illinois Secretary of State File ID.Applicants must be a non-profit, for-profit, or tax-exempt entity located in Illinois. Per Section C.2. of the NOFO, applicants must be registered if the Illinois Secretary of State requires the entity’s organization type to be registered. Enter N/A if this does not apply.
20How many strategies must an applicant apply for?Per Section A.5. of the NOFO, "Non-profit, for-profit, or tax-exempt entities located in Illinois may apply for funding one or more of the following strategies..."

Therefore, applicants may apply for one, two, three, or four strategies if able to meet the objectives of each.
21Can you please confirm whether or not a State NICRA is acceptable for the indirect cost rate? Section C.6 suggests otherwise.Yes, a State NICRA is acceptable.
Updated 4/11/2024
22Can an organization use funding for paid internships?Paid interns may be proposed to support program services that are linked to program objectives.
23The initial funding period for the program is only one year. Will there be years 2 and 3 of funding? And what are the planned dates?The Governor’s Opioid Overdose Prevention and Recovery Steering Committee (Steering Committee) has approved up to 3 years of funding for projects to implement prevention abatement strategies. These projects are awarded through a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). Projects are initially funded for a period of one year, with an option to renew for two additional years.

Funding periods often begin on July 1 and end on June 30. There is an option to renew for an additional two full years of funding if funding is available. If the funding period begins July 1, 2024, and there are continued appropriations, the corresponding periods of performance would be

7/1/2024 – 6/30/2025
7/1/2025 – 6/30/2026
7/1/2026 – 6/30/2027

Continued funding is subject to appropriations and release of funds by the Illinois Department of Human Services. AHP is responsible for issuing and monitoring subawards. AHP must issue awards based on AHP’s contracting periods with the State of Illinois.Funding periods for a notice of award (NOA) follow the State Fiscal Year (SFY). The notice of award is the anticipated date that an award letter would be received by a potential subrecipient (i.e., awardee). This actual date may vary based on a few factors.
24The options available to us in the public health region dropdown don't align with the current map. What do we choose?The Illinois Department of Public Health recently revised their regions. However, we will still be using the former map for this questionnaire. The question will be revised with an image of the former map.
25Are public health departments eligible for this NOFO?Yes. Per Section C.1. of the NOFO, applicants must be a non-profit, for-profit, or tax-exempt entity located in Illinois and meet the other requirements defined in that section.
26What is the difference between Strategy 2: BASE Schools & Communities and Strategy 3: BASE Youth?Strategy 2 programs focus on the characteristics of the geographical location, and schools or communities should be "within high-risk areas, as identified by high substance use and high drug overdose rates."

Strategy 3 programs focus on specific youth populations: "youth and emerging adults ages 11-25, specifically: youth who have not graduated from high school but do not consistently attend, college or university populations, and/or emerging adults at risk for substance misuse."
27We're having a problem with Strategy 3 in the budget summary page.There was an error on the summary page specifically for Strategy 3 in the Occupancy and Training and Education rows. We have updated the budget workbook file. If this issue applies to you, please download a new workbook or send a request to the help desk to obtain further assistance to update formula.
Updated 4/15/2024
28The NOFO only permits up to .1 FTE management time for each 1 FTE staff. If that is not feasible for us, can we propose increased management time, and does this include indirect costs?This amount is an estimate of the direct cost to meet the obligations of the award. It does not
preclude indirect costs. Additional management time may be proposed and justified in your budget narrative.
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