Funding Opportunities

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Applications Open Now

The RCCA is accepting applications for the following programs.

Supportive Services and Treatment for Accessible Recovery – Together (START) for Pregnant and Postpartum Persons and Their Families

Applications for funding are open until May 31, 2024.

MMHU, Medication-Assisted Recovery Mobile Health Units

Applications for funding are open until June 28, 2024.

WARM, Warm Handoff and Recovery Support Services

Applications for funding are open until June 28, 2024.

Applications Closed

The following programs are currently in review. Stay tuned for award announcements!

PLEASE NOTE: Notice of award dates are anticipated. All applicants will receive either a notification of award or a notification of non-award.

Opioid Abatement Strategies Effectiveness Evaluator (OASEE)

Community Outreach and Recovery Supports (CORS)

Intramuscular Naloxone Distribution Hub (IMNH)

Build, Amplify, Support, Empower (BASE) Prevention Programs

The application period closed April 24, 2024.

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IL RCCA Program Director

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