Advocates for Human Potential (AHP) is pleased to announce Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities, Inc. (TASC) has been awarded $1,167,000 through June 2025 to serve as the Intramuscular Naloxone Distribution Hub (IMNH) subrecipient. A total of $3,000,000 has been approved to be distributed over three years by the Illinois Opioid Remediation Advisory Board (IORAB) for intramuscular naloxone distribution services in the State of Illinois.

Since 1976, TASC has advocated for individuals and families affected by substance use and mental health conditions. TASC provides direct services, policy solutions, and consulting to provide people and communities with the tools for long-term success. TASC offers direct services including screening, assessments, client advocacy, service planning, outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment for substance use disorders, care coordination, case management, and related efforts to support health, wellness, and sustained recovery. To learn more, visit the TASC website.

The purpose of the IMNH is to improve the availability of intramuscular naloxone injection kits to people who use opioids statewide, particularly in areas disproportionately affected by the opioid crisis. Specifically, the IMNH subrecipient will:

  • Conduct a statewide needs assessment to determine how intramuscular naloxone injection kits should be allocated statewide and to identify any areas in which the subrecipient will need to distribute kits directly to people who use opioids and their family or friends.
  • Purchase naloxone and related supplies and assemble intramuscular naloxone injection kits meeting the minimum requirements of Standardized Procedure.
  • Set up a secure website for organizations and individuals to request intramuscular naloxone injection kits.
  • Deliver intramuscular naloxone kits to organizations who work with people who use opioids.


Additional opioid settlements funding opportunities are available at the Illinois RCCA Funding Opportunities page. If there are any inquiries regarding the IMNH subaward, please submit a request at the RCCA Help Desk.   

AHP administers the Regional Care Coordination Agency (RCCA) grant as authorized by CSFA 444-26-3078. This subaward depends on the availability of funding for the Illinois Opioid Remediation State Trust Fund through the Illinois Department of Health Services (IDHS), for the express purpose herein. To contact the Statewide Opioid Settlement Administrator email