Advocates for Human Potential (AHP) is pleased to announce Education Development Center (EDC) has been awarded $625,000 for the initial period of performance as the Opioid Abatement Strategies Effectiveness Evaluator (OASEE) subrecipient. A total of $1,500,000 has been approved by the Illinois Opioid Remediation Advisory Board (IORAB) for research and evaluation purposes.

The purpose of this subaward is to research the effectiveness of opioid abatement strategies on reducing opioid-related mortality and related harms. The OASEE subrecipient will:

and effectiveness, twice yearly.

EDC brings extensive experience in evidence-based study design, data collection, and analysis to this role. In Chicago, the Midwest, throughout the nation and worldwide, EDS has implemented numerous projects in which they provide technical support for monitoring, performance measurement, and rigorous evaluations that inform policy and practice, while striving to find the right balance among methodological rigor, participant burden, and costs. Recent local projects include evaluating the effectiveness of Overdose Data to Action programs and substance use and recovery programs for the Chicago Department of Public Health.

Additional opioid settlements funding opportunities are available at the Illinois Opioid Settlements Initiative Funding Opportunities page. If there are any inquiries regarding the OASEE subaward, please submit a request at the RCCA Help Desk.

AHP administers the Regional Care Coordination Agency (RCCA) grant as authorized by CSFA 444-26-3078. This subaward depends on the availability of funding for the Illinois Opioid Remediation State Trust Fund through the Illinois Department of Health Services (IDHS), for the express purpose herein. To contact the Statewide Opioid Settlement Administrator email