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Settlement Funds Allocation

The Illinois Opioid Allocation Agreement governs how funds from any national multistate opioid settlement will be allocated throughout the state.

The Allocation Agreement establishes that 55% of funds will go to the Illinois Opioid Remediation Fund, 20% of the funds are to be allocated to the state; and 25% directly to Illinois subdivisions (Local Governmental Units) including all counties and eligible municipalities.

Pursuant to an additional agreement between the state and the city of Chicago, a portion of the state’s 20% share will go directly to the city for abatement. purposes. As of December 2023, payments have been allocated as follows.

20204 02 14 02 allocations

*Information current as of December 31, 2023

Remediation Fund (December 2023)

The Remediation Fund received payments of $109.8 million as of the end of 2023.

A total of $78.8 million has been approved for specific abatement strategies, but not yet awarded. For FY23-24, $11.25 million of Remediation Fund monies were approved for the following IDHS programs:

  • Access Narcan
  • Community Intervention Services
  • Illinois Prescription Monitoring Services

As of December 2023, $4.5 million in grant agreements have been awarded to those programs.

Unallocated funds in the Remediation Fund total $26.5 million.

20204 02 14 03 remediationfundapprovals

*Source: Illinois Attorney General (January 18, 2024). Illinois Opioid Remediation Advisory Board.

Approved Recommendations (1-18-2024)

RecommendationAmountFYProcurement ProcessSpent
Community Intervention Services$3,000,000FY23Expansion of Services$1,860,978
Access Narcan$4,500,000FY23-24Expansion of Services$1,000,000
IL-PMP$3,750,000FY23-24Expansion of Services$1,687,750
IM Naloxone and Other FDA-Approved drugs to reverse overdose$3,000,000FY24-26NOFO (released 2-7-2024)0
Mobile MAR$15,000,000FY24-26NOFO0
Pregnant and post-partum people and their families $6,000,000FY24-26NOFO0
Warm handoff programs and recovery services$6,000,000FY24-26NOFO0
Treatment for incarcerated population $6,000,000FY24-26Intergovernmental agreement0
Prevention programs $15,000,000FY24-26NOFO (released 2-21-2024)0
Data collection & analysis$1,500,000FY24-26NOFO (released 1-10-2024)0
CORS model $15,000,000FY24-26NOFO (released 1-3-2024)0
Capital improvements0Pending0

*Source: OOSA (January 18, 2024). Illinois Opioid Remediation Advisory Board.

Future Payments

Payments to the Remediation Fund are projected to continue to 2038 and are currently estimated to total approximately $763 million for settlements finalized to date

20204 02 14 04 projected

*Source: Illinois Attorney General (January 18, 2024.) Illinois Opioid Remediation Advisory Board Meeting.

Updated 1/2024


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